The announcement by Bonnie Henry and the BC government on Aug 23, 2021 has confirmed that BC will continue to stay the course and allow outdoor gatherings of up to 5000 people. All Ways Home festival WILL happen on Sept 4th & 5th and below are some important details regarding COVID and measures taken to keep everyone safe.

 Starlight Stadium is a outdoor 9000 capacity stadium and grounds and most events are in the stands only. Our event has been planned with safety in mind. We have limited field access to 2500, which leaves plenty of room for distancing for those feeling uneasy, and lots of room in the stands for those that would like their own space. In other words, at all times there will be ample room to find the amount of space you need.

 While not required, we encourage and welcome you to wear a mask while attending. Free masks will be available for all attendees.

 Hand sanitizer stations will be located at the front gates and throughout the stadium grounds. There are over 50 flushing toilets on site and every washroom has soap and sinks. These washrooms will be cleaned every hour and fully scrubbed overnight.

 We will be operating the event under the full guidance of the Provincial Health Authority and VIHA and can ensure patrons that they will be in a safe and clean environment that allows for plenty of distancing while taking in music in a festival setting outside.

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COVID-19 has changed the landscape of live music events and as such we have built All Ways Home with the safety and overall experience of everyone in attendance in mind. All Ways Home seeks to be a welcoming summer festival and community and as a festival guest, you play an active role in creating an enjoyable and safe environment for your fellow attendees. All attendees will be asked to adhere to both the BC Provincial health and safety guidelines as well as the guidelines that we’ve developed so that we can all safely enjoy one of the most exciting events of the summer.

An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any place where people gather. As festival dates approach, we will provide our community with information on festival preparedness, including what may be required beyond a ticket to enter festival grounds. By purchasing a ticket, you agree to comply with all Federal, Provincial, and Local laws, ordinance, regulations, and the rules of the event organizers when attending the event.

Social Distancing: Please respect the space of others while moving around the site and stay 2m apart.

Masks: Masks are encouraged to be worn whenever possible, but are not mandatory.

Vaccines: While vaccine cards are not required, we encourage all attendees to be fully inoculated against COVID-19 for the safety of all in attendance.

Safety: All attendees must adhere to the guidelines set out by Federal, Provincial, and Local government organizations and the event organizers - no exceptions.

Please DO NOT ATTEND if you feel unwell or have symptoms of COVID-19.